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Safety precautions for electric scooters
2021-03-28 20:19:20

What are the safety precautions for electric scooters? When using children's scooters, the following seven points need to be kept in mind!

1. The scooter should be used in a safe place, and it should not be used on the road and some unsafe areas;

2. Be sure to use safety supplies, such as sports shoes, hard hats, wrist guards, etc., and take good safety measures;

3. Poor sight at night, so please do not use;

4. Analysis of electric scooter companies, children under 8 must be used under protection;

5. Make sure the screws and nuts are in good condition before use;

6. The manufacturer of electric scooters introduced that when used to a certain extent, please replace with new tires to avoid brake failure due to tire wear;

7. For safety reasons, do not change the structure at will;